Beautiful Mongolian Yurts For Sale - adapted to the uk climate in Bude, Cornwall for sale

Beautiful Mongolian Yurts For Sale - adapted to the uk

Yurts For Sale, From £4500
Would you like an extra room? A guest room, studio, office, summer house, party venue or a place for your kids to play? Or do you dream of living off grid away from it all?
Well we have your answer. Yurts provide a versatile and beautiful, all weather outdoor space. Whatever your need, our inspiring, handcrafted Mongolian yurts will fulfill your desires.
Our yurts are each 5m in diameter which we think are a great all around size. To give you an idea of size you could fit 3 double beds in one.
Our yurts come in a range of stunning colours and designs.
Blue, Green, Orange, Natural wood with either coloured or gold detail or carved.
We have taken the traditional Mongolian design, drawing on the experience of generations of Mongolian nomads, and added a few adaptations from our personal experience of running a yurt camp in the wet British climate! In this way we have combined the best of both. The yurts are handmade in Mongolia by experienced craftsmen, who are paid a fair living wage.
The Setup
Wooden frame made up of:
Door – Mongolian larch wood, hand painted or carved in traditional nomadic style.
Trellis – The trellis is essentially the walls of the yurt and comes in 4 sections. Hand planed in the traditional way to follow the true grain of the wood and create a stronger trellis. Animal fibers are used to hold the trellis together.
Poles – The poles form the roof of the yurt connecting the trellis to the crown, creating a beautiful circular pattern. Mongolian larch wood, hand painted or carved in traditional nomadic style. We include a couple of spares with each yurt.
Crown – This is the beautiful centre piece of the yurt, also made from strong Mongolian larch wood and hand painted or carved. We’ve adapted these crowns with a lip that overlaps the fabric layers for an extra waterproof seal.
Dragon Posts – In Mongolian culture, these posts form the sacred threshold of the yurt. They are not usually included in European made yurts. They add structural support as well as adding to the charm of the design.
Our Yurts are painted with European standard paint, not the toxic Chinese paint used on cheaper yurts. The wood used is carefully selected to the highest quality. My Yurt maker threw one of his crowns off a 2 story building a few times and still the crown did not break!
Fabric Layers
Cotton cover – This is the inner liner, in plain white cotton.
Felt – Made from 100% natural Mongolian yaks wool. This acts as insulation, giving the yurt a warm authentic feel. Felt comes in different qualities and we only use the best.
Canvas Cover – Made from a heavy duty poly/cotton canvas. We have added an acrylic skirt around the bottom to protect against wet muddy ground and aid run off. Available in plain white or with intricate Mongolian patterns
Crown cover – A truly well thought out design makes these crown covers the best we’ve seen. Fully adapted for a wet Cornish winter with clear PVC skylight and section for installing an optional wood burner
Can deliver get in touch for a quote or to arrange viewing.
For more info contact Joe and Liss at kents of cornwall yurts.